The digital link to your clients and their financing partners

CreditLinks offers you the following

As an advisor you support your clients in setting up financing transactions, for example, by managing offers from potential lenders and coordinating them. Ahead of a transaction your clients need to provide certain information to these lenders, e.g. for credit and KYC checks. Often the information provided triggers additional questions and requests throughout the process. Various iterations and versions of contracts are negotiated before a transaction is finally agreed. With each new financing a new data pool and structure has to be set up.

  • “Project workspaces” as the venue for the exchange of transaction-specific data & documents in a structured and standardized way with data management options for you and your clients
  • Flexible adjustment of structure and content of workspaces depending on the specific financing transaction and your requirements
  • All data & documents contained in a project workspace can be shared via a link with your financing partners. Information updates will automatically be shared
  • Full product flexibility from bilateral financing to broadly syndicated deals
  • Efficient Q&A management with a direct link to the underlying context and content

Your benefits with CreditLinks

Through the structured workspace concept, you – together with your client – always have full control over transaction data and can decide who receives which data at what time.

You don’t require any specific know how or a separate application. Simply a registration on our website and onboarding through CreditLinks. Complete hosting through systems domiciled in Germany offers you maximum security unmatched by traditional and relatively insecure email communication.

  • Complete control and overview of your data & documents as well as internal and external data recipients through separate workspaces
  • Substantial reduction of possible errors thanks to clear version control and history and versioning of stored information
  • Clearly arranged communication tools, organized by transaction, financing partner and topic
  • Increased data security through systems hosted in Germany and IT governance under German law
  • Your “cockpit” for all your financing transactions with your clients