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connecting Corporates,
Lenders and Advisors

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Current processes for corporate financings entail large amounts of unstructured data and documents, mostly handled manually by too many operators. The result? Long processing times and high adminstrative costs.

Adminstrative costs? High
Processing time? Long

CreditLinks connects corporates, lenders and advisors over the lifetime of financings and integrates structured data, workflows and smart communication in one platform.

One Platform… for all parties involved
Integration… of Data, Workflow and Communication

So you can collaborate securely and more efficiently with your business partners and focus on the critical element - the financing itself.

Collaboration? Efficient & Secure
Focus? The Financing

How can we support you?


Do you find yourself in constant dialogue with your financing partners? Mainly via e-mail? Do data requirements often differ slightly across partners and need to be updated regularly? But the data is often not readily available?

  • Share data & documents with only a few clicks with involved financing partners
  • Information in a structured form: available in a granular fashion and always accessed and managed in the same way
  • Organise questions efficiently and respond quickly and contextually


Do you advise corporates on financing and help coordinate groups of potential lenders? Is managing confidential information and distributing it to the right recipients time-consuming? Do you often find yourself searching for the correct or most recent version of documents & data?

  • Efficient workflows through simplified and faster information sharing
  • Clear version control of data & documents including data history and approval logic
  • Contextual communication of data, directed to relevant financing partners


You offer financing to corporates? And regularly require data & documents for new and existing business? Does such information need to be distributed internally and is often manually updated? Searching for the most recent version?

  • Information in a structured form: for each client and for each project in the same structure
  • Easy collaboration with colleagues without direct client access
  • Complete and verifiable traceability of all activities, e.g. for compliance and audit