The digital link to your clients and their advisors

CreditLinks offers you the following

As a lender do you offer various financing instruments to corporates such as standard term loans, revolving credit facilities, leasing products or structured financings? Ahead of a transaction, you require certain information from your client, e.g. for credit and KYC checks. Transactions often involve colleagues who do not have direct client access. Frequently data is updated throughout the process, resulting in different versions of various documents (e.g. loan agreement, term sheet, etc.). After a successful closing, reporting data needs to be maintained.

  • "Project workspaces" as venues where transaction-specific data & documents are stored in structured and standardized data fields organized the same way for each transaction and each client
  • Clearly organized in categories (“Master Data” and “Financial Data”) as well as transaction- or product-specific information. Additional information requests can be added on a tailored basis
  • Involvement of all relevant internal colleagues through the Team Management tool into the information flow to avoid redundant forwarding of emails
  • Transparency about all activities on the platform, e.g. which document was accessed by whom and when
  • Ability to link questions directly to the underlying context and content

Your benefits with CreditLinks

Through the structured workspace concept, you will find information from your different clients always in the same place and in the same form and YOU can directly involve your internal colleagues into the workflow.

You don’t require any specific know how or a separate application. Simply an invitation with access authorization from your client or their advisors and onboarding through CreditLinks. Complete hosting through systems domiciled in Germany offers you maximum security – unmatched by traditional and relatively insecure email communication.

  • Complete overview of data & documents as well as control over access rights of internal team members through the Project Workspace concept
  • Granular data structures allow quicker internal processing of data and reduce unproductive e-mail chains
  • Customization of data structures to specific requirements possible (e.g. for different products or specific master data needs)
  • Clearly arranged communication tool, structured by client, transaction and data context
  • Increased data security through systems hosted in Germany and IT governance under German law
  • Your “cockpit” for all financing transactions across all your clients over the full term of the financing