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Account maintenance fee.  Invest whenever you want to, we do not have any inactiv.

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Transaction fee. Low fees for all transaction types. See our pricing table for details.


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Account maintenance fee.  Invest whenever you want to, we do not have any inactivity charges.


Account maintenance fee.  Invest whenever you want to, we do not have any inactivity charges.


Account maintenance fee.  Invest whenever you want to, we do not have any inactivity charges.

Our Clients

We enable corporates to interact digitally with financing partners on a single, common platform. This allows them to share onboarding data and financial data securely and efficiently with existing and prospective lenders. Debt financings –in term as well as in revolving format– can be structured, syndicated and maintained via a customized workflow tool that facilitates efficient communication and outreach.


Our corporate partners are mid-cap and large cap European corporations. They can share their onboarding and reporting information to lenders and simplify their financings with our workflow tools. With CreditLinks they benefit from a significantly reduced financing workload as well as standardized digital links to and transparent overviews of their existing and potential lenders.


Arrangers & Advisors

Arrangers &

Our arranger partners who, for the most part, are large banks, structure and syndicate financing transactions on behalf of their corporate clients and lead club deals. CreditLinks provides an efficient and less labour intensive front-to-end management of the distribution process and outreach to potential lenders. Audit and compliance trails are readily available and permit significant cost reduction. Advisors support their corporate clients in evaluating, planning and executing debt financing. With CreditLinks they can easily monitor processes and activities, thus improving the project management experience.

Arrangers & Advisors


Our lender partners are participants in loan and private debt markets, namely banks, insurance companies, debt funds and similar players. With CreditLinks, Lenders can access potential transactions via the common platform and simplify workstreams through readily available data sets of onboarding data and financial data, pre and post transaction. The use of common data standards eases compliance with regulatory information requirements. Thus, our lending clients benefit from reduced workload, improved access to deal flow and support in their own efforts to automate internal processes.


Our Services

Corporate Workspace

Data Harmonization: Thanks to CreditLinks, our corporate partners can share onboarding and financial data via harmonized templates digitally and securely with existing and prospective lenders. Furthermore, we provide large lenders and arranger banks with solutions to automate their internal workflows.

Common Communication Platform: CreditLinks unites all financing communication on one single platform. We help to streamline borrower-lender interaction and to avoid email jungles. In addition, we support all clients in maintaining readily available compliance and audit files. CreditLinks enables its participants to create a vibrant, active and efficient financing community for the benefit of all participant groups and users.

Transaction Workspace

Transaction Process Management: We offer customizable workflow tools in line with current bank standards. All participants and user groups experience and benefit from efficient transaction management.

Outreach & Enquiries: Corporates can expand their financing network by reaching out more efficiently to prospective lenders. Likewise, arrangers as well as lenders are able to increase their deal flow and balance portfolios by reaching out to corporates via reverse enquiries.

Analytical Workspace

360° Transaction View:
CreditLinks stores transaction documents, communication trails and underlying data to supply our clients with a 360° transaction view over the whole lifespan of a transaction that can be accessed any time.

Our Team

The CreditLinks team brings together experienced bankers with digitalization experts and software engineers. We combine in-depth banking expertise with technological know-how to develop efficient and lean financing processes with easy-to-use user interfaces. With our long experience in bank-client interaction our core focus is on developing secure, efficient and agile solutions for our corporate, arranger and lender partners alike.

Tilo Kraus

Co-Founder & Managing Director

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Tilo is a co-founder and the managing director at CreditLinks. Prior to founding CreditLinks, Tilo was responsible for Financial Markets at IKB Deutsche Industriebank with a focus on origination and distribution of mid-cap financing products. Prior to moving to IKB, he spent 8 years in the Debt Capital Markets Group of UBS Investment Bank with responsibility for German, Austrian and Dutch corporate clients. Tilo is a CFA charterholder, holds an Executive MBA with high honors from the University of Chicago, and degrees in finance, economics and business from the University of Warwick, the University of Munich and FU Hagen.

Dr. Alex Mann

Co-Founder & Advisory Board

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Alex is a co-founder and Head of the Advisory board of CreditLinks. Alex is a Managing Director at Commerz-bank where he is is responsible for Commerzbank’s large cap industrial clients globally. Prior to founding CreditLinks, Alex was responsible for the sector coverage & advisory division at IKB Deutsche Industrie-bank. Before moving to IKB, Alex spent more than 15 years in corporate finance and M&A at Deutsche Bank as well as Morgan Stanley. Alex holds degrees from Goethe University in Frankfurt.

Chris Helm

Co-Founder & Head of Prod. Dev.

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Chris is co-founder and head of product development at CreditLinks GmbH. Before he started with CreditLinks, Chris co-founded and managed a start-up focussed on B2B machine learning. He was also part of several winner teams of innovation hackathons hosted by Microsoft, Audi, Hilti and Siemens. Chris holds degrees from TU Munich, Zeppelin University and University of Mannheim.

Florian Zyprian

Software Development

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Florian focusses on the technical development of the CreditLinks platform, in particular backend development. He was part of the winning team at Postbank’s Finance Award  and together with Chris also part of the Munich winner team of the MS Hack@Home with sponsorship by Audi and of the only European finalist team of the international Hilti Mobile App competition. Florian holds an MSc in Finance and Information Management and a BSc in Computer Science from Technical University of Munich.

Sabrina Kuhajewska

Business Dev.

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Sabrina focuses on business development-related matters at CreditLinks. Prior to joining the firm, she was a part-time analyst in the regulatory affairs department of Deutsche Börse AG and also spent some time supporting a member of the European Parliament. Sabrina is currently finishing her MA in International Business at the Frankfurt School of Finance and holds a BA in political science from the University of Frankfurt.

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