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Using CreditLinks’ standardized digital links to their financing partners, they benefit from improved operational efficiency, data security as well as transparency of existing and prospective lenders. Click the buttons below for a rough draft of our process!

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1. Registration

Start your registration process with CreditLinks by entering your contact details. Specify the company on whose behalf you are acting.

2. E-Mail Verification

You will receive an email with a link from us. Click on the link to verify your account on CreditLinks.

3. Registration Data Completion

Following the verification of your email
address you need to complete your basic company data. 

4. Registration Data Verification

We now quickly verify your company data. As soon as we have completed the verification process, your test account on CreditLinks will be activated.
In the meantime, please do not hesitate to contact us.

5. Welcome Package

Get your personal CreditLinks starter package! Receive your login data, security keys, welcome documents and a detailed transaction process description.

1. Transaction Data Completion

What are the key elements of your transaction?
Fill in your transaction data in order to prepare the launch of your transaction.

2. Potential Lender Invitation

Which institutions do you want to invite?
Enter individual email addresses of lenders you already know that you want to invite or select specific groups of potential lenders on the platform for your transaction.

1. Negotiation Phase

Receive feedback and answer any questions from prospective lenders. Negotiate the terms of your transactions.

2. Transaction Signing

Sign on your previously agreed terms in order to make transaction legally contracted.

3. Transaction Closing

Once the agreed conditions are met, proceeds are transferred to your account or the facility can be drawn upon, both in standard and customary ways.

1. Reporting

Receive automatic reminders of regular
reporting obligations. Manage lender relationships through automatic Q&A
tool. Use similar features to push “Ad oc”

2. Data Tracking

Throughout the life of a transaction, access to data can be easily traced, managed and revoked in case a lender exits a facility. 

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